Our mentoring program was designed to provide awareness, education, and exposure to professions, career options, and offer scholarship support for talented students of low-income families. The Guide Right Program offers tuition-free, year-round academic and social programming that provides a pathway to college and beyond for Metropolitan Atlanta’s African American young men in elementary, middle, and high school. By utilizing the diverse talents of our membership. These young men are groomed for the demands and expectations of a successful adult life. Addressing topics such as personal responsibility, social skills development, conflict resolution, business, finance, career selection and community involvement. Our goal is that when our young men leave our program, they have been equipped to achieve more in life after having been exposed to a multiplicity of social, educational, leadership and community driven skills.


Beginning in elementary school, our mentoring program offers a holistic approach, by developing the whole person providing a dynamic environment in which rising fourth through eighth grade boys receive academic and character development skills. Held one Saturday of the month for 4 hours, the program emphasizes both academic preparation and support along with and non-academic skills including: 

Tutorials : Enriching professional tutorial sessions in language arts, math, science and social studies to help students in areas where they may need additional support.

 Enrichments : Unique classes designed to expand their exposure to Arts, Science and Technology including workshops like photography, coding, public speaking/debate and science.

Field Trips : Curated interactive activities to local colleges, businesses, outdoor excursions, museums and professional sporting events developed to support the real life perspectives shared in the classes.

Social and Character Development : Designed workshops created to learning styles, personal values, goal setting, study habits, and more.

Community Activities : Developed to expand student connection to their community creating opportunities to participate in food and clothing drives.

Open Enrollment : May 24 through July 5 for 2024 – 2025 program year. Registrations outside this period are placed on our waitlist for the next Guide Right open enrollment period.


Guide Right provides streamlined support for rising ninth through twelfth grade boys navigating the path to college. Held twice a month beginning in September through April. The program emphasizes both test preparation, leadership and character development. All efforts lead to college attendance and subsequent graduation. Our programming consists of:

Small Group Workshops : Intimate opportunities to experience the insight and expertise of college and university recruiters from across the country. This structure ultimately enhances the students overall learning experience.

Individual College Counseling Sessions : One on one 1-hour long sessions with college counselors to help strategize with the goal of matching students with the right college/university fit. 

Financial Aid Counseling : Discussions designed to give clear options on scholarships and grants vs. loans that can get them through college. 

Free Resources and Discounts : Receive discounted SAT/ACT Test Prep Courses along with weekly scholarship bulletins and access to col

Scholarships : Access to college fairs Pre-college (summer) experiences Krimson Community Foundation students who successfully complete our Guide Right Program have transitioned to the campuses of some of the most prestigious institutions, including — Morehouse College, North Carolina A&T, Tennessee State University, and Fisk University.

Open Enrollment : May 24 through July 5 for 2024 – 2025 program year. Registrations outside this period are placed on our waitlist for the next Guide Right open enrollment period.


Since 2001, the Guide Right Program has significantly impacted the lives of students by enhancing them academically, socially and culturally:

  • 80% of our high school seniors were admitted to an accredited college, university, or technical school.
  • After having enrolled in our program we have found that 75% of our students ranked in the top 40% of their high school class.
  • When tested we found that 70% of our seniors scored a 22 or higher on the ACT exam which is slightly higher than the national average.
  • By graduation 75% of our students made honor roll with a GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • 70% of our seniors received full or partial academic scholarships to college.



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